Our Focus

Why I Am Involved

“This is all about improving the economy in Hampton Roads. It’s a matter of survival to revitalize our economy.”

Jack Ezzell
Zel Technologies CEO
Entrepreneurship Study Group Member

Reinvent Hampton Roads is focused on five initial projects:

  • Regional Export Accelerator Program (REAP)
  • Priority industry clusters  to pinpoint areas with the most growth potential
  • Strategies for engaging the next generation of civic leaders
  • Testing strategies to increase operational efficiencies within and among local jurisdictions
  • Explore the idea of a regional joint campus focused on STEM-H (science, technology, engineering, math and health)

We believe:

  • The region is the organizing unit of our economy.
  • The private sector must be fully engaged in improving the economy with its own "skin in the game."
  • The standard of performance must be "business" vs. "civic."
  • Our commitment must be long-term since reinventing the regional economy is more a marathon than a sprint

Focus areas emerged from study groups of regional thinkers brought together by the Hampton Roads Community Foundation to tackle four key areas:

In 2013-14, each study group challenged a cross-section of area citizens evaluating the current situations, studying best practices in other regions, looking for opportunities and making recommendations. Click on the links above to see key recommendations, read full reports and download information.

View study group participants here.


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